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COVID-19 Ministry Update from Colombia

Last fall, the focus of FAIR’s special appeal (Weathering the Storm) was to support eight Fellowship International missionaries and FAIR ministries in seven different countries as they adjust and meet the needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are very thankful to have received 136 389 $ towards this appeal.

One of the missionary couples that received support through this appeal was Diego and Claudia Cardona who serve in Colombia. Claudia recently sent an update about what they have been doing to minister in Colombia in light of the impact COVID-19 is having in that country. We hope that you will be blessed by her update.

“My participation in the church lately has been much more in the distance due to my health in the last four years with asthma.

“I have focused on being aware of the economic situation of the brothers, seeking ties of support between the humanitarian aid organizations here in Medellin and maintaining the constant delivery of the resources that have already dropped at the local level.

“Thank God we were able to deliver the aid sent by the churches in Canada. The families received support to pay their bills for water, electricity, and gas. Adult diapers were also bought for a woman with a disability. We have been able to give other aid for the payment of rent in homes where both are adults and who were fired from their jobs. The increase in unemployment continues and there is great helplessness.

“Thank God we are looking for resources with farmers who are willing to share some of their crops [so that we can] continue delivering bags with food. We have joined two Foundations, (CULTIVANDO SONRISAS and CIUDAD REFUGIO) who are good at mobilizing resources. From there I can sometimes deliver to church families and some families from the Pacific neighbourhood where we have accompanied the children for several years. For example this week they received three tons of avocados, and that has to be given away right now to consume.

“God is faithful and the little we do is for His glory.”